What's Really Going On?

The sheer volume of sexual harassment allegations against public figures, executives and others reveals just how entrenched such abuses of power are.  It’s time to change the…..

Informed Consent® App

The Informed Consent app captures the declination of the other party as well as a format to escalate any unwanted behaviors and place that offending party on notice, No, Means No. The app  also provides individuals with an evidence based solution that will capture the permission of both parties to engage in workplace romantic relationship.

Power Bylaws®

Align leaders to a sense of self-awareness and how to handle the lure of power & success.

Ética Profesional® App

Referida al ámbito laboral, se habla de ética profesional y que puede aparecer recogida en los códigos deontológicos que regulan una actividad profesional. Ética Profesional®  es una aplicación móvil.

Ethics Base® App

A solution for employees to report harassment & sexual harassment via a mobile app.

The root cause of the recent alleged misconduct & failure to act in Hollywood, Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics…..

is not the lack of policies, incident reporting or the training, but the outdated reporting mechanisms, the failure to notify all parties, the processes to act are not robust enough and those in power have a deep lack of self awareness.

We’re here to change that, provide tools that will ensure the “issue” does not get passed on, ensure accountability and more importantly empower any and all individuals with a tool that will hold those that are notified accountable.

Ethics Base®

Harassment & Sexual Harassment Reporting App

Power Bylaws®

“The way he leveraged and grew his power was in the Oscar race,”  “When people see you can perform awards miracles, they think you’re God. That’s why he got away with his behavior.” – Sasha Stone, founder and editor of AwardsDaily.com. on Harvey Weinstein

Power Bylaws® is our proprietary solution to align leaders to a sense of self-awareness about their surroundings.  We utilize leading 360 tools, personality assessments and feedback tools to keep the leader align, therefore empowering employees, aligning the leader and minimizing risk & exposure for the leader and the organization.

Ethics Base

We are focused on delivering the best possible solution to fix the problem overwhelming our world right now, harassment, sexual harassment and the communication gap that exist between claimant and the organization.


Book – No My Place

When i became Illinois Attorney General, my experiences with harassment virtually disappeared.  Power does change the dynamic.

Lisa Madigan

Chicago, Illinois Attorney General

Informed Consent® App

The Informed Consent app allows individuals that experience unwanted behaviors to document the incident and add media files for evidence if available.  The victim can then archive the incident, place the offender on notice (No Means No) by sending them details of the unwanted or inappropriate behaviors or escalate to HR, Compliance Officer or higher if needed.

Hispanics in the US as of 2016


The demographics of Hispanic and Latino Americans depict a population that is the second-largest ethnic group in the United States, 56.6 million people or 16.7% of the national population, of them, 47 Million are American citizens.

Ética Profesional is an incident management solution (web & app) that is specific for the Hispanic workforce.  Every detail is in Spanish (Latin American Spanish) for the claimant, but for the compliance officer, the incident report is in English as well as the dashboard.  Response and closure to the case is in Spanish, adding a great level of compliance and inclusion to your ethics & compliance program.

“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”

Peter Drucker

” You can cuss here, we cuss here, you can say words like f&*k, s#**t and others, it’s part of our culture”.
Chief HRO at a failing baking company

Our Subculture Assessment solution is a proactive look into the what lies beneath the mission, vision and values and we start at the top and work our way to the middle and then to the direct labor for a complete look at the entire organization.



Subculture Assessment

The solution: A proactive look into the culture to address issues before they become claims at the state or federal level.  Our position is that to change the culture of an organization, you must look into the smallest of behaviors that may not align to the vision statement of the company.  This pro-activeness allows organizations to address issues before they become a risk to the organization.

We help you address the critical human and cultural integration issues that are important for an effective compliance program. We help you identify cultural aspects that need to change, what are leaders saying and how are they behaving?  What is the perception the managers have of the leaders and do the inappropriate behaviors cascade to the middle managers and therefore to the direct labor?  We identify these behaviors through effective feedback mechanisms and assessments.

Communication should cascade down, but not behaviors that could be detrimental to the organization.

“Communication should cascade down, but not behaviors that could be detrimental to the organization.”



  • Policy Management
  • Compliance Training
  • Incident Management


  • Ethics Base
  • Informed Consent
  • Fierce 5
  • Ética Profesional


  • Power Bylaws®
  • Harassment & Discrimination
  • Online Training
  • Onsite Training
  • Self-Awareness
  • EQ
  • CA AB1825


  • Subculture Assessment
  • Change Management
  • Culture Transformation
  • Pulse of the Workforce
  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Gallup Q12



Sometimes, the steps are simple. They include hosting workshops, getting supervisors to frequently remind their charges of their rights and responsibilities, instituting anti-retaliation policies and clarifying for everyone what the harassment investigation process looks like.

More challenging is changing the culture of a company. “It’ll never happen unless you get the impetus from senior leadership.

In the wake of the Uber and Harvey Weinstein revelations, organizations have been calling in the experts to conduct investigations and change culture-This is where we come in.

Our Approach

Compliance solutions have evolved from hotline to web and now App, go to the root cause and cater to the entire workforce.

Ethics Base®

Web & app based harassment & sexual harassment incident reporting solution.  Empowers employees by allowing them to document incidents via an app.

Ética Profesional®

Ethics & Compliance solution for the 2nd largest ethnic group

Fierce 5®

Fierce 5® App allows minors to reporting inappropriate behaviors at school or organized activities to parents, school officials or authorities.

Informed Consent®

The Informed Consent app captures the declination of the other party as well as a format to escalate any unwanted behaviors.

Power Bylaws®

A proactive approach to see how leaders are handling their new position and not giving into the lure of power & status with all levels of staff.

Subculture Assessment

See what’s hidden in between reality and the values of the organization before it’s too late.

Onsite Training

With an issue that can easily impact or even ruin your brand, we’re going old school with compliance training to ensure 100% participation.

It’s time to shakeup the….